New Day Centre Leader

Bluebells Day Centre Leader, Siobhan Pratt
Bluebells Day Centre Leader
Siobhan Pratt

Bluebells Day Centre are delighted to announce that we have appointed a new Day Centre Leader, Siobhan Pratt, to take over from Suri Poulos from our first session in 2024 on Thursday, January 4th.

Siobhan Pratt is no stranger to Bluebells and many of our guests will already know her from her work at the Memory Cafe, also based at the Christ Church Centre. We at Bluebells are delighted that Siobhan has joined our team and we’re sure those that do not already know her, will enjoy getting to know her in 2024.

Lastly, we’d just like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Suri Poulos for her five years at Bluebells. Suri was with us right from our relaunch as an independent charity and has worked tirelessly to get Bluebells re-established and it simply wouldn’t be in the great shape it is in today without her substantial contribution. Thank you so much Suri for your dedication to Bluebells all these years.

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