The Bluebells Day Centre, based at the Christ Church Centre in Henley, was run by AgeUK for 20 years but, following its closure in 2018, it was re-established as an independent charity and opened its doors again on April 25th, 2019, expanding to two days per week on September 9th, 2019.

Dementia is among the cruellest of conditions, slowly robbing a person of everything that makes them who they are. Day Centres, like Bluebells, are of enormous benefit to people living with dementia and to the carers who look after them. That we are now able to provide this service, in Henley once again, is something we can all be proud of.

Glen Lambert, Mayor of Henley-on-Thames

Bluebells Day Centre would like to thank the following organisations whose help was essential to the successful relaunch.

As a very small, independent, local charity, Bluebells relies on generous donations.
If you would like to donate to, or sponsor, Bluebells, please don’t hesitate to contact us.